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3 and 4 week old froglet rearing container substrate...

My paranoia has me thinking I need to redo the way I'm keeping my
3 and 4 week old froglet D. Auratus in their rearing container.

Right now I have paper towel (*ack* yeah, its even got print/dye on it...)
I keep that moist and then have a thin layer of live moss on top, and a
nice chunk of cork bark for climbing.

I notice that every morning I find both frogs climbing vertically up the side
of the plastic container. From what I've learned recently, I know that the
frogs absorb through their skin, and I wonder if the climbing is a result
of them trying to get away from the toxins in the paper towel substrate.
They are both eating fine, and growing well, maybe the morning climb is
just to hunt for the FF's up on the ceiling.

I want to stress the little guys as little as possible, but I feel like a
substrate change is in order. I want to wait 3-4 more weeks before
putting them in their 10 gallon final home. Should I change the smaller
container substrate to match the 10 gallon, with a thin layer of pebble,
then `jungle earth` wood chips, with moss on top? I'm afraid the paper
towel and its moisture is just spreading the toxins from their feces and
not healthy for them.

They seem to be doing fine, but I *really* like my little guys and want to
keep them in the best conditions possible.

TIA ya'll,
(And why can't I upload/attach pic's anymore?!?!?)


i wouldn't worry about the climbing, juvi's are more prone to it than adults, and frogs in new set-ups usually climb more looking for a way out. i wouldn't hurt to change to long fiber spagnum though. it works just fine by itself, you don't need the under layers.

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