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Water bowl needed ?

Do I really need a water bowl ? In the new vivarium I'm setting up I won't be having a water feature, but instead I'll just be misting a lot. Do dart frogs even drink from standing water such as that in a bowl or would they just get their water from the leaves and misting? I know quite a few animals won't drink from standing water so was just wondering if darts are one of them.

Hey! I'm such a newb I probably should let someone else answer, but
since I hate not getting a response I'm gonna' give an educated guess
from what I'm learning lately. (I swear its like I'm taking a 6 hour a day
class on PDF raising, so I do feel like I have a good answer!)

Knowing the high humidity requirements of the frogs, and that they
absorb through their skin and secrete toxins from their skin, I don't
think they need a `water dish` to drink from.

In my past months of study, it seems the reason people include water
in a viv is for humidity, or a water feature like mist or waterfall. I can't
say I've once seen anyone say `don't forget to include a water dish
for them to drink from.` Actually, a deep water pool appears to be a
no-no, because the frogs can drown!

Correct me if I'm wrong - flame-suit on! :twisted:

Thank you very much Smile My main reason for not wanting one is I thought a dish would look tacky and if they needed one I was just gona make a water feature for this one too instead of a dish, but thanks for clearing up that they don't need one now I can go on as planned Smile

A water feature isn't a must have if you keep up with misting regularly, especially if your tank is well sealed, but the frogs do like them, and it gives them a place to hydrate if it gets to dry. The medium exoterra waterfalls are good, and in a well sealed tank don't need to be refilled to often as to make them a real hassle. but if u get one I recommend putting it on a timer, the pumps in mine kept burning out if they were always on or even when set to only run half the get an interval timer for like 7 bucks and set it to go off then come back on every other hour or something like that, should extend pump life.

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