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Escudos arrived
Hello, my name is David Morales (Coqui) After many cold days and nights, Juan from Michigan Exotics
Was able to send me my newest acquisition to my collection.A trio of Escudos. I am so excited that I wanted
To share some pics.
I'm very happy to say, the escudos i got from Michigan Exotics
have Laid EGGS. Juan you were right, when you posted that
the Escudos We're going to laid soon.
Congratulations! Pictures! Wink
Jim from Austin --- Lorenzo keepers PM me about a US breeding program
lorenzo | nominant fants | highlands | summersi | bakhuis | azureus
Thank you, Jim
I tried and tried to get a picture but its impossible.
I discovered the eggs using a mirror with a handle, like
The ones a dentist will use. Hopefully they will turn to
Froglets and ill be able to get some pics.
congrats david. i know that you escudos were going to lay i know my frogs Confusedhock:

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