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Frog will not eat and is skinny


I don't have a PDF yet (although I am currently researching different types and different styles of terr. to I will eventually...hopefully by Oct I can pick one up in ATL, ok anyways..back on track)...I do however have 2 FBT's.

I bought them both at the same time, both are nice and vibrant..and hop around (they aren't lethargic or pale) but one will not eat and is very skinny. the other eats like a horse, he (well I assume it's a he lol**).

I have separated them and tried feeding the skinny one..and he will actually let the crickets sit right under his chin, and even right on top of his head :? . He refuses to eat them. They are only the 1/2" crickets, so I know they aren't too the other one (who is the same size toad) gobbles them up like they are nothing.

I've tried Meal Worms, and I have some Wax Worms ordered...and he (again assuming**) doesn't even look at them. Sad

Here is the skinny one (his name is Wie)...see how his backbone sticks out. His little tummy is rather concaved as well.
[Image: Wie002.jpg]

Here is the other one (his name is Lin)...see how nice and fat he is...
[Image: Lin005.jpg]

They live in a 10 gallon tank, it's 1/4 land and 3/4 water. They seem to prefer staying in the water rather then on land...but they do come up for a while at night to sleep, I suppose. The water is treated with Amquel and then left to sit over night.
[Image: 005.jpg]

I've heard that you can put them in a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 unflavored pedialite to perk them up....but I am afraid to try it since I have only read that in one place. :|

Thanks in advance, for any help you can offer.
Oh and...hi BTW I'm Jennie. Smile

** My assumptions are based on the fact that during my research of these toads, it states that if 2 males are engaging in mating activities the one being mounted will croak a warning to let the other male know..that he is not a female.

[Image: 006.jpg]
The one on bottom was croaking madly lol. (the one on top is the skinny one I am asking about BTW).

Curious about their names? I named them in Chinese, since this specie is primarily from China (or so I read).
Lin is Chinese for Beautiful Jade.
Wie is Chinese for Dangerous.

Well he died.

Ate 1 waxworm the entire time he was in my care. The other is eating and acting fine. :?

Tried adding Pedialyte to his water and try and stimulate an appetite..nothing.

Thanks for the help/suggestions though...they helped a bunch. I'm glad I joined this forum..really. So many friendly, helpful people. :roll:

When I get my Dart..I wonder if I'll have this type of support/help? Makes me wonder if I should get one or not now.

Hey there, Sorry for the lack of responses but I did not even see your post until today. I have school and work during the day and this is the first time visiting the page today. I am sure the situation is the same for many on here. Next time try a bump so the post stays on the recent post list. But to answer your question, I used to have a bunch of Firebellied Toads and every now and then you come across one that does not want to eat. Usually it is either because they are suffering from a stomache impaction or a parasite/bacteria. A bath of 100% pedalyte would have been better than mixing it in the water. But from the sound of it a fecal test would have been necessary to find out what is wrong with the frog. It could have been something as simple as stress, although I find this particular species very hard to stress out. Sorry for your loss, but don't let one incident ruin it for you.


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