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new viv!
This is first viv. It is a 18x18x24 exo that houses two azureus froglets (first darts also). My new addiction.
Congrats Mike! It's so exciting to have a new viv and new frogs! Please send pix often.
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Nice work! Yes it is an addiction Smile. Where do your azureus tend to hang out in the viv? I like the design you have come up with for wood placement. Looks like you have two nice caves / retreats setup for them. What technique did you use for the background? Nice work and keep the pics coming!
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Thanks! Its a GS background and does contain sort of a cave like structure under the wood. The frogs tend to spend most of their time under it though they do explore a bit also. I keep a piece of fruit on the outskirts to attract stray flies so they sit there waiting for them. I just added the orchids for some color. I saw ur construction for ur tank and i may steal the idea because it was so good. Ill def post pics if i do.

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