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Just what IS the Dart Frog Hobby anyway ?
It's not that easy to explain, I'll tell ya that much. It is some of these things:

1. People getting to play scientist - often from divergent professions, like Mechanics, Information Technologists, Car Dealers, Police Officers.

2. New people get excited and entranced - so excited that they begin to teach, instruct and reprimand others with only .5 to 1 years in the hobby themselves.

3. Keeping Dart Frogs, even though some species can be considered 'cheap" to acquire and house, is still considered a LUXURY hobby. Even though the economy may be in the crapper, times are tough and prices are up...the people in this hobby tend to spend money and by doing so, have an inflated self opinion or worth. If they own a couple nice vivs or a frog room - they probably think of themselves as a king, or at least the equivalent of a senator.

4. Most Americans, any hobby included, but especially here...consider themselves to be gorgeous, unique little snowflakes that can do no wrong. When told they can't do something or if something they are doing gets labeled 'wrong' , they instantly go into attack mode and become indignant. We have become a nation of people that cannot take hearing the word 'no".

5. Since this is such a luxury hobby, some people that have large investments in it, take it to the next level and get mad about things we should normally not consider getting upset over. Actually, this one is a bit more understandable, as large investments of time, effort and money DOES entitle people to have a vested interest and 'worry' more about things. Still, you will find arguments here, especially amongst the older guys that you would not find in other..shall we say..'less expensive" hobbies.

and now for the fun stuff:

6. You can make new friends for LIFE...good friends...just by being active in this hobby. Now by being active, I mean you need to really put yourself out there. Posting, going to meets and gatherings.

7. These animals are VERY rewarding on so many levels. They will teach you things...yes...TEACH you about yourself, if you let them. The care, the observation, the learning, the research and the camaraderie. It's all worth it. Even when faced with some of the negative aspects that I just listed above. Is it all worth it ? Oh my yes. It certainly is.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Number 1 really hits close to home for me. Since I was a very small child I've been fascinated with herps. While other kids wanted to be a astronaut or a firefighter, I always wanted to be a zoo keeper (until I found out what a herpetologist was). I never really had the opportunity to pursue those dreams as many others have, so I joined the military out of school. This hobby really feeds my passion for the life cycle of these frogs and I get to tap into my inner "scientist" to experiment with different variables in an attempt to learn more about these fascinating subjects. That's why I can honestly say this will be a lifelong hobby for me as I enjoy every aspect of the hobby because they are all science related. Creating small ecosystems to mimic the natural world truly fascinates me. Great post!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah, I really want to reply to "that thread" but getting into a debate isn't going to solve anything. I would much rather spend the time with my frogs.


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