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Golden mantella plant list ?
Hi there Smile I will be getting a pair of golden mantellas in a couple of weeks and will be housing them in a 45x45x45 exo terra tank. I was just wondering if anyone with experience with these frogs could give me a list of plants i could put in there? Also how do i go about emptying the drainage layer in my vivarium?
thanks Smile

I would do a Google search for plants of Madagascar and print that out. Then look more in depth for individual species and do a few more Google searches and Google image searches and narrow it down. We don't have any 'list' of plants per se, as there are so many. I also highly recommend taking your list to any local greenhouse or plant nursery and asking them about availability.

Is there a lot of water in the drainage area ? It's good to have @ .5 to 1.5 'inches' of water in any false bottom/ drainage area IMO. Water may look a little brown but no worries. It will not stink or be bad for the viv. I've had constant false bottom water levels in vivs for 6+ straight years and not drained at all.

If its easier - use a length of aquarium tubing and...create suction to drain

or, make sure things are stable and maybe remove the frogs and tilt the tank on it's corner and lift and pour...

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