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silicone fumes

Hi all, new to pfds, but have always had reps and amphibians. 3 weeks ago I got 2 Azureus that were about 4 months old. I started them off in a small 12"x8" tank with moss and a coco hut while my larger 18x18 exo terra tank was getting established with plants. I covered the background of the tank with tree fern fiber with black silicone. The silicone had an awfull smell to it while I was sticking on the fiber. The tank then sat planted for a couple of weeks to get established. When I finally put my frogs into the tank, they hide all the time and I haven't noticed any fruit flys dissappering, and they ate like pigs in the small tank. The tank smells alright now, but was wondering if the silicone could still be bothering the frogs even after being set for awhile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of silicone? GE silicone 2 for windows and door is ok to use. It shouldn't take long for the smell and fumes to go away. Did you apply it very thick? You could consider taking them out and putting them back in the smaller container for a bit. They just may be getting used to the new tank. I wouldn't have even tried feeding them the first day in the tank. I would have fed them a few hours before in the prior tank then switched them.

mydumname is totally right that tons of froggers use the GE silicone. i just was reading though that DAP makes a colored silicone which is fda approved for food usage, which the GE is not. i think i'm goin to switch after hearing about arsenic and other nasties used for curing properties in the GE brand.

i used aquarium safe silicone, and after 24 hours the smell was completely gone from it.

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