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NJ reptile expo ??
Hey just wondering if anyone was going. There is one in parsippany on sat and a different one in teneack on sunday. I think there will be darts at the parsippany one, not sure about the sunday show.
Mike, while I admit to never having gone to any NJ reptile show, the information that I have is that your state (NJ) is so restrictive and medieval about laws, rules and regulations, that it's never good. There's a reason that one of the best Reptile shows on the east coast is in PA for instance. That said, I would brace yourself for a distinct lack of frogs and perhaps anything cool. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If it was close, I'd check it out...more than1/2 hour away, I doubt I'd waste the gas.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I saw that one of the vendors names was buddy's darts so i may just go to check them out. If it sucks i ha be the ny whitenplains show april21. That one is always great and blackjungle will be there with some cool plants like always. New jersey is medival from what i hear. Supposively there are permits required to sell animals and so on. I may also try to hit the hamburg show in pa next time around also. Its about 2and a half hours and from what i rmember quite awsome. Haven't been in about 15 years.
if I'm not mistaken these will be the first shows for the people putting on the shows. I think the Teaneck was posted as a pet expo.
pa.walt Wrote:if I'm not mistaken these will be the first shows for the people putting on the shows. I think the Teaneck was posted as a pet expo.

The teaneck is a pet expo with 50% reptiles and a 5,000 sqft aquatic section
New Jersey reptile show poor start
I'm not sure when the last time jersey had
A Pet Expo. But from what I hear a lot of vendors
Don't like it because you need permits and every sale has to be documented.
Again this is what I heard at the show today not sure if its true or not.
But What is true is that the place was empty regarding how many vendors showed up. I saw one person selling darts and the same person selling some fly and springtail culture. That's it. There could have been another person selling darts but I only saw mantella frogs at best he had three or four of them of them.
Another guy had some pixies. I'm also into my corals but that part of the exhibition was poor at best, you could have put all those vendors in a 100 sq. foot room. Maybe I wouldn't be so down on this show if they didn't play it up on their website as so many vendors. If I had paid the entry fee with a credit card I would have stop payment to make a point. It's not the money, it's about making a point.
Thanks for the review. Good or bad, it's important that someone reviews and posts info about all the different venues and shows. Money is tight, so we need to all be aware in order to maximize our value.

Back in 2008, I gave a very poor (but accurate IMO) review of a fledgling central PA show and one person lit into me by saying "Geez, how are they supposed to become a good show if you are slamming them" ? Hey...the show will rise or fail on it's own merits - energy, management, advertising...not a review by me. It's more important to get the good info out there so that people are provided with knowledge.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
For a first attempt at a show it wasnt that bad. The pet store that sponsered the show did their best at trying to make it enjoyable. I know my daughter did. They had a petting zoo for the kids and a jumphouse, she had a ball. For froggers , yeah not much to look at. I myself did end up purchasing some isopods and two "alanis" tincs from the one and only breeder that was there. Really nice guy who took the time to talk and teach me some tips and info. I believe his company name was "Luxorious Leopards" ( he obviously had leopard gekos also). The more people support and go the better the chance for greater shows. Also some of the proceeds and entrance fee went to veterans so it was worth going for that alone.
Oh yeah this was the teaneck show from today, sunday.
if i'm not mistaken both the shows sat. & sun. where the first time correct. also I always hear that the jersey shows are you need a permit for this and you need one for that. maybe that turned off some vendors.
I wonder how the Parsippany show was.
I heard it was pretty small and not to many vendors. The permit thing was kind of lame, def could do without that.

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