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Adding a vent
Got a great deal on a tank from craigslist, but now I have to figure out how to add a lower vent. My initial thought was to trim a portion from the bottom of the glass door, add a horizontal vent and adjust the bottom and side guides. The glass door slides completely off and protrudes from the front of the tank. I also have no idea who makes these so I don't know if the bottom is tempered. Going to use some polarized glasses to check, but would be nice to know the specs before doing the drill test. Anyone have experience with these tanks? I think I saw some at last years reptile super show, but not sure who makes them. Tank dimensions are 24"x24"x31". The tank will be visible from 3 sides except the right side that currently has the panel on it (cleaning and sanitizing the tank this weekend). Thanks in advance for any advice!

[Image: IMG_0512.jpg]
I am unfamiliar with that door assembly, but this may be of some use to you.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to try and help.
Chris Sherman
One big methane burp from the ocean could make everything here obsolete.
Hah, I actually intended to build my own vivarium utilizing the Sherman Vent©, and I will for my next one. It's a great design! But, I found this for such a low price and very similar to my dimensions so I decided to give it a shot. The door is just really held up by the silicone on the outside, so I assume if I do the Sherman Vent and attach it in a similar manner it would hold the same. Was just concerned about weight distribution because of how the door is attached. I actually like this single removable pane of glass because I intend to feed through an access panel on the top, and when I need to do maintenace in the viv I have full access from the front.
After bothering Sherman a bit more, I realized how silly I was to hold on to the old door design. So I'm going to remove the old door and put in the Sherman Vent with sliding doors.

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