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Holographic sound activated LIGHTNING cloud (Proof of concep
Ok kids, this is pretty rough but I'm excited about it so I'll post some teaser videos to give you an idea how this might look/work in a viv.
(Sorry for the crappy camera work, the loop was only 40sec, and it was hard to start/restart it and film at the right distance, and this isn't the actual 30 gal that will be used...this one needs to be cleaned before it gets used)

It is kinda visible in the vids but I get a decent cloud being lit up by lightning effect that that should get even better with a more optimal fog/fan setup. And the sound synchronized flash works out so well it may have rendered my led strip light/music controller plan obsolete...I'll have to repurpose that stuff for other FX or making background lightning flash that comes from multiple locations.
Lights on...
Lights off...

The lightning is a purple plasma lumin disk star that reacts to sound.
[Image: MYI147-2T.jpg]
(Purple I guess isn't easy to find anymore...nor is white...and IMO those are the 2 best colors for this)
I thought about using a nebula ball but the disks things have a better lightning effect IMO...and my 2 nebula balls are old and the plasma is all cloudy without good defined "lightning"
You could Macgyver up quite a few different kinds of plasma lamps to work this way though.

It is basically laid on the top glass, and the image reflects off the glass plate that is at a 45 degree angle below. Basically it is the same concept as the Holo fairy cave proof of concept.

I'll put lights on either side of it and the main lighting will be in front of it so I should get enough regular light in the viv.

The idea will be that plants/rock hide most "screen" or help it blend into the background. I'm not sure if I'm going to do just enough screen to catch the lightning or have it go all the way across the viv. I have an aurora (Northern lights) effect I wanna try that would utilize the same screen.

The viv will have the holo fairy cave in it, and it will also have fiber optic stars suspended in the first inch or 2 at the top... and ponds and/or stream that are clear containers buiried in the substrate and lit from underneath so the water glows blue.

I'm just using a phone to play the music for the demo, and nothing is actually set up much like it will be in the viv. This was just putting some of the rough pieces together to see how it looks.

The fan setup is especially ghetto at the moment, but from what I saw playing with it I think with more fog and a better fan setup I really can achieve a cloud that is mostly at the top...the craptastic very light cloud in this demo actually stayed mostly at the top so looks like the theory is sound.

For the real deal I have a Motion activated 300 second loop player
[Image: usb7m-sb.jpg]

That will be coupled with a sensor plug mounted on or near the viv setup to be triggered at about the same time the sound player gets triggered. Both activate and stay on for about 5 we'll have a 5 minute storm.
I need Marty to sponser me with a free mist system or something Maybe he'd wanna use a vid of the finished viv to pimp some mist king systems? Big Grin

Sensor plug...
[Image: 4153iSdfg4L._SY300_.jpg]
SensorPlug - Motion Activated Electrical Outlet -
So basically you'll walk up to the viv and wave your hand at a certain area and it will make the sensor plug turn on most of the FX and at the same time kick off the sound loop device, which both run for about 5min...and Enjoy.

Here is the fogger I used....only 20 bucks and nice nozzle easy to retrofit with decent fog output. I think I'm going to need 2 though to create a cloud thick enough to look good while being sucked out/recycled by fans strong enough to keep the cloud from sinking.
[Image: %24(KGrHqFHJCsE-nCC9g)KBPsToQkzuw~~60_35.JPG]
Ultrasonic Desktop Bedside Baby Humidifier 110V | eBay

Gemmy Lights in flight firefly lights...
[Image: 086786419557lg.jpg]
Available at lowes and kmart

The whole system will be powered by a Mr. Fusion coupled with a Flux capacitor Cool
[Image: flux-capacitor-mr-fusion-e1322535119657.jpg]
Hopefully the Mr Fusion will cut down on the electricity bill from making lightning at home Wink
The Flux capacitor is how I got here...and how I'll get home. I'm from the future...of vivariums Wink
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue
Pretty durn cool Dave !

Like the technology.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks! We are almost to the stage where we get to put it all together in a nice vivarium Wink ...just a few more pieces to acquire and construction can begin.
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue

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