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Which Moss is better to use for Vivariums ?

Terrarium Moss 30-40 Gal Size (Zoo-Med) ... mdy00.aspx


Fluker Farms Spagnamoss.
(i couldnt find a link)

Anyone have any experience with either of these two ?

I say just stick with the original spaghnum moss. The zoo med stuff is just overpriced and the dye looks tacky. Just go to home depot and get a huge block for 4 bucks. Cheap and clean moss without sticks and twigs in it.


That dye rinses right out anyway once it's in the viv for about a month.

whts it look like when dye is gone?

it's just brown. The moss is just moss. it holds up well. I use it in most of my stuff. I bought a big brick of it at Petco a while back and it last quite a while. I mostly use it to fill in gaps in my corkbark backgrounds. It doesnt't look bad. Hope that helps.

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