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For Sale - Hyloxalus azureiventris
I'm moving back home for the summer in the next couple weeks, and I'd like to lighten the load a bit before I go. It's stressful enough moving all my breeders back, much less a large load of froglets.

Sellers Name and location - Zach in Baton Rouge
Species - H. azureiventris
Line/Origin - Parents from Eric Bradish; Originally from Sean Stewart INIBICO Project
Age - 2-3 months oow
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.~10
Price - $35
Group Prices - 3 for $90
Preferred Payment Method - Paypal or money order, locals may pay cash
Shipping Rates & information - Buyer's choice

Actual Froglets for sale

[Image: 8709438932_764ca5784e.jpg]

Also see home page of this site. My male is photo of the month.

This is a wonderful, underappreciated species. This mid-sized species does well in groups and is great for beginners. Their call is pretty cool too. Though both of my adults are yellow nearly all of the offspring are varying shades of red-orange. Time will tell whether it stays that way, but my froglets are much nicer looking than my adults, imo.

As always, PM me with any questions
So I have three males and one female. Looking for females of the hyloxalus azureventris don't know if you would possibly know where to get some
Email me

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