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At what age to start fecal tests on froglets
Hey everyone. After 11 years in the hobby i now have the time to start finding mates for my frogs and start breeding and i have acquired several new additions to my collection over the last month and now have three different groups of frogs breeding and 4 different groups calling. I want to start a small business out of it, not trying to get rich but a little extra money to help pay back some of my investment would be nice. Its more of a hobby gone wild kinda thing but I'm excited to see how it goes. The question i have is at what age do you start fecal testing on your froglets. I want to get them tested and treated if need be before i sell them. I would like to start selling them no earlier than 3 months ootw. Is that two young to treat if they have something that requires treatment. When i first got into the hobby i was told to test them at one year and each year after that. The advice was given by a man i met at a reptile show and being i only bought single frogs that werent housed with other frogs I never had any reason to question that and my frogs are healthy and have never had to be treated, maybe a little on the plump side but nothing nasty. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe it was that i received my frogs from reputable breeders. Either way I'm glad i have never had to treat anything and i want to offer the same quality of frog that i received to future buyers. Any advice is welcome and much appreciated.
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wow...good question. I don't believe I've ever saw the age brought into question.

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Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but you should fecal your adults. Chances are that any froglets will carry what the patents have, especially of morphed in the same tank. Get the parents clean and you shouldn't have to worry about froglets. I'm not so sure people fecal froglets before selling them, that to me is a buyers issue.
Thanks Brad for the reply, my next question then is it safe to treat at one year or wait until they are sexually mature. I know some mature faster or slower than others but i think two years is the longest to reach sexual maturity if I'm not mistaken. Can treatment before sexual maturity affect fertility and longevity? I'm sure like with most drugs the risk for overdose is greatly increased with the young causing internal havoc or death.
~Master Yoda

"When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?" ... 7315219353

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