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Hello from Virginia
Hey guys,

I am a big DB member, but thought I would come back to Dart Den after five years and check out the new site (well, it's new to me at least!). I also wanted to maybe meet new people that are in Virginia!

I have been keeping frogs since 2007, but have since narrowed my collections down to one species because I go to college right now (senior). I hope to expand my collection after I settle down on a job.

Nice meeting you all.

Welcome back to the dark side... :twisted:
What some see as death, others see as beauty.

Thanks! Is there a website or group on the forum where I can join MADS or Virginia Area Froggers? Do either even exist?

Hi Will. What's your major? I was thinking about starting a college student thread in the off topic section where we can gripe about school or ask for opinions/help on challenging topics. I'm in my junior year of Animal Science. Finals week WOOHOO!!
Majoring in Business... CIS

Recently got back from a semester abroad in Belgium and my finals have been done for a while now Smile
Hey Will! Welcome back. There are a few people around you in Richmond but their are quite a few around the DC area. We don't have any meets planned but hopefully soon we will have another one.
Hi Will and welcome home.

Virginia area HAS had a couple meets over the last few years but only 1-2 and they were pretty lightly attended.

The best meets so far are the MADS crowd in the Philly, DC, Maryland area. MADS = Mid Atlantic Dendorbatid Society, or PA, NJ, NY,MD, DC and areas close by.

Whenever someone is ready to host ; lately it's been George G. and Roman in the Philly area, they will likely post it in advance.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Good to hear there is at least SOMETHING going on around me.

I have been to at least one meet a year these past few years but nothing in significant numbers like you said. Such a bummer! I would be more than happy to have something at my house if people were willing to make the trek down to Richmond.
Hi Will
Welcome back to the Den. Look fwd sharing your experience and seeing any good pics you have.
Scott - North Dallas

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