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Just a few images from around the workshop...
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share some images of a few of our froggers. Smile

A young D.auratus "El Cope". I picked three of these up from a good friend who swore I wouldn't be disappointed (I've been more of a Ranitomeya fan than anything else right now). Low and behold, he was right!
[Image: TRH_5554.jpg]

The E.anthonyi are growing so quickly! Chubby little buggers...
[Image: TRH_5553.jpg]

One of my favorite displays in our collection. This male sits there and calls in the morning and waits until early evening to resume his song. While being subtle and not a very melodic, their calls do differ enough from the R.sirensis and E.anthonyi that it's still a nice diversion from the chirpers. Now if only I can get a positive ID on the current name for this species. They were sold to me as R.amazonica but I've heard from a few respected friends that they're not. Regardless, they've been a welcome addition to the collection. Smile
[Image: TRH_5549.jpg]

Good Stuff Luis ! If you're near Gainesville, we should get together sometime. I have a long time interest in many gecko species - Uroplatus and more.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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