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Hi all

My name is George and I'm from Oregon. I have kept dart frogs for almost 16 years and freshwater fish for over 30 years. I got into dart frogs through Tor Linbos web site. We both worked in the same field for a while. I only keep two species/locations of frogs at a time and keep 3 breeding groups of each (varadero and vanzos). I try to keep them in groups in large enclosures so they can select their own mates and rear their own offspring. I like these setups because first off they slow production so I am not overwhelmed with offspring and second they keep some of the natural behavior in the frogs which I find interesting. If the parents don't feed and transport their offspring the tadpoles don't survive and if the froglets can't find their own food (at least until I can pull them )they also will not make it.

Welcome to Dart Den George !

I think you'll like it here. Post often and with pics if ya have em'.

..and have fun!


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hi George, welcome to DD. I can't wait to hear some tips/tricks from your exp. in the future. Do you have any pictures of your set ups?
Welcome George.

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