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synonymy of R. duellmani and redefinition of R. variabilis
Found this on line today just wondering how old this info is and has it been updated since this was posted.
[This is one of the weirder and most unexpected outcomes of our revision. Here is a history of the scenario: The original type series of Ranitomeya ventrimaculata was collected from Sarayacu, Ecuador in the 1930s. There are actually two species present in Sarayacu: "duellmani" and "ventrimaculata". The holotype of ventrimaculata was described as having parallel, pinkish dorsolateral stripes. Many years later, Schulte (1999) described Dendrobates duellmani from northern Peru. In fact, the species that Schulte (1999) described was the same species as the holotype Shreve used for his ventrimaculata. It is quite a confusing situation-- but the bottom line is this: Shreve's holotype of ventrimaculata was the same species as Schulte's duellmani, thus, due to precedence, the name ventrimaculata is the valid name.
So what happens to everything that was referred to as ventrimaculata prior to this revision? This is another confusing matter and involves some more obscure taxonomic legislation. Originally, going into this project, we had planned to synonymize variabilis with ventrimaculata (in the old sense) as phylogenetic, morphological, and bioacoustic data suggests a single species. However, the name ventrimaculata, as mentioned above, had to be transferred to the frogs which were being called duellmani. This means there was a species which had its name taken away. As it turns out, the oldest available name for this species is variabilis. So, ironically, the name variabilis now gets applied far more broadly to everything that was previously considered ventrimaculata.
For the poison frog enthusiast, these changes can be summarized as follows:
- Everything that used to be called duellmani is now called ventrimaculata
- Everything that used to be called ventrimaculata is now called variabilis
- Everything that was called variabilis is still called variabilis]
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