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When to trim your plants back
So at what point do you trim your plants back
Mine have overgrown most of my viv is it a good time
And what is the best way
Thanks for the help
I seem to end up pruning every 2 months or so. I think precise pruning / propagation methods will vary by plant. I ended up experimenting with different plants to work out what was best. Perhaps listing out specific plant species will get you help from hobbyists with experience with that plant. There are members with far more experience (and far better success) raising plants than me Smile

In terms of pruning, I use Fluval pruning scissors and tongs.

They are stainless steel and easy to disinfect after pruning. They are designed for maintaining planted tanks so being long and skinny these tools can easily reach the far corners of a viv. Just be sure you dont poke your frogs Wink I keep a "contaminated" plastic shoe box on a shelf and toss used tools and containers in there then I disinfect once a week. I reuse my clippings on other vivs and sometimes give them away after a standard 10% bleach bath. Good luck! Post some pics!
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I hack em' all with shears as soon as they tend to get big. No worries, as most are hardy and far from delicate. Hack away !

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