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Your favorite underrated movie
"Outside Providence"

also "Dirty Work"...Norm Macdonald is great
I like that already ^^..I'll have to download it.

How about ' 4 rooms' ? I know it's tarantino, but it's early tarantino. I like anything with Tim Roth.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
All of Outside Providence is on YouTube. You just have to watch it between about 5 separate segments. Another one I like is that is on YouTube is "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story".
Poolhall junkies
Philsuma Wrote:I like anything with Tim Roth.

I couldn't agree more, he has got to be one of my favorite actors. I was so pissed when they canceled "Lie to Me"

for my picks...

Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders
iron sky
fdr american badass
Kentucky fried movie

But on a serious note, I really enjoyed
Plunkett & Macleane
the hunted

A perfect world is a pretty good one with Kevin Costner. One of the few moments where he is actually tolerable on screen. For a great political thriller I couldn't recommend the Parallax view, enough

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