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first pumilio froglet
Walked by my BlueJeans viv today, and I stopped dead in my tracks. Either one of my trio had shrank...or I had a froglet.

Froglet it was! Felt like I had just seen a Sasquatch...except I prob won't ever see a Sasquatch, and this was a frog. I knew that the parents were up to something and I had at least a couple tads I could find. I imagine most others here got more than a little giddy the first time they saw their first froglet in a pumilio viv.

Here's a crappy pic. He didn't stick around too long for more photos.

[Image: photo-13_zps69ecb3be.jpg]

How about some details on the system ?

Tank is a 37g tall with 1m/2f Blue Jeans. I have quite a few Neo Fireball's in there, plus about 10-12 black film canisters positioned low amongst the leaf litter. No background except for some black construction paper adhered to outside. I used three long sections of cork bark positioned in leaning positions and most of my brom's are positioned inside holes drilled into the cork bark. I didn't go crazy when planning this viv. The pic below is before a couple more plants low were planted and alot of the brom's have pup's coming off them now also.
[Image: photo-12_zps034bf730.jpg]

Here is another pic, of a diff froglet I spotted this morning. Healthy looking? I took a quick look shortly ago and spotted four froglets total. Is that common to have that many froglets walk out? The previous owner of this trio, Boombotty, said they were good parents...and he was not jokin'.

[Image: photo-14_zps32bad3e9.jpg]
Looks like a little pumilio factory you got there...nice & thick layer of mixed leaf litter and broms broms broms!! Congrats and good luck with the froglets.
Congratulations! I don't know much about pumilio but it looks like a beautiful little froglet to me! Good luck with them. The setup looks fantastic!
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The first pumilio froglet you see can be summed up in one word. Magical. Who says 'magic' doesn't exist ?

It will get a little more common place -when you start to see more of them and get used to it, but it's still so very exciting.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah, I can tell you it hasnt gotten old for me and I am still occasionally suprised. Especially when you spot a half-grown froglet that had alluded capture when you rounded up its siblings several months before. Enjoy!
Another froglet pic. These guys eat...and eat...

[Image: photo-1_zps1796662b.jpg]

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