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Wholesale Entire Cultures of Isopods
I am selling my entire assortment of isopods; orange, gray striped, white, and purple. There may be a couple hundred or more total, but I don't want to be counting bugs unless I have a serious buyer. I will sell the entire lot for 50% off of the normal going prices. Just let me know you are serious about buying them.

Weather is fine for shipping.

I don't have time to blow springtails out of the isopod cultures, so you're likely fo get some springtails as well. I know the gray isopods also has a snail culture in it, which I have been feeding to my turtle. The grays can be easily transported to a fresh substrate and, if the snails really bother you, I'll transfer them myself.

Ill take them. How much is shipping to Columbus, OH?

Let me count them up tonight, bring them to the post office and I'll send you a total count and total amount. Ed
Chris: Sent you an email. Ed
ems1016 Wrote:Chris: Sent you an email. Ed

which email address lol
Whichever one your Dart Den account links to. I clicked on your name above and there's a choice to send you an email. If you can't find it, email me at and I'll reply. Thanks. Isos are ready to be shipped. Ed
email sent

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