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chazuta, vanzos, tarapotos, and a few others
I've got a few frogs available for sale/trade in chicago. I prefer local pickup but will ship weather permitting through fedex overnight. Trades I'm interested in would be for a female intermedius, male el dorado, baja huallaga imi's , fants, variablis, green lamasi, or other interesting thumbs. Also, rare plants, broms, or anything else interesting would be considered. I also have rare plants, java moss, tons of bugs, a misting system, and a few other goods i might part with. Email for faster response.

Species: R. vanzolinii
Line: Butt
Sex: 0.0.2
Age: 2 months ow
Price: $90 each or both for 170
Payment: paypal, money order, credit card
Shipping: from 60445

Species: R. intermedius "chazuta"
Line: UE/Iron cross(original line I'm told)
Sex: 0.0.2
Age: 2 months ootw
Price: $70 ea or both for 130
Payment: paypal, money order, credit card
Shipping: from 60445

Species: R. tarapoto
Line: UE
Sex: unsure, no calling
Age: subadult around 6 months ootw
Price: $70
Payment: same as above
Shipping: same as above

I have vanzolinii and chazuta coming out of the water everyday so if you need more just le the know and I'll put some aside for you

These two I'm only willing to sell/trade if it's the right trade. I'd prefer to pair them up but we'll see.

Species: R. intermedius
Line: Tarlton
Sex: proven male many viable offspring
Age: 3 years
Price: $125
Payment: same as above

Species: O. pumilio "El dorado"
Line: SNDF 2008 I was told
Sex: 0.1 proven many viable offspring
Age: 4 years roughly
Price: $175
Payment: same as above
Shipping: "

Again my priority is to find these two above mates but if I were to come across baja huallaga imis, lowland or copperhead rants, the other mate, or interesting thumbs I'd work something out. In terms of bugs the species I have are: Giant black springs, tropical pink/white springs, temperate whites, temperate blues, silvers, platinums, a few undescribed species, Giant orange isos, dwarf grey/white isos, purple/white/red micropods, and a few undescribed species. pics and references upon request.
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