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Ranitomeya – Highland Variabilis/Northern Variabilis = same?
Sorry, if you guys all know the answers, dont laugh at me....

ARE Ranitomeya – Highland Variabilis/Northern Variabilis ...

I know there are Southern, so then there are NORTHERN?
Northern in my book, means "up high" or higher in distance....?

I just want to understand, as I am reading to better make me a Smarter "KEEPER OF THE FROGS" as my friends now call me.....

Some articles say Northern some say Highland?

Which is correct?
GRRRRRR, I am so confused.....
From what I understand, they're the same frog. The Southerns are different.
There's no such thing as northern. just a misnomer for highland.
It was my understanding that the Southern was the high altitude and both Northern and Southern were INCIBO, so to be kept distinct from the nominate. Hence 3 populations from husbandry perspective.
Scott - North Dallas
OK OK OK, SO I am more confused a lil.....

Scott says:
It was my understanding that the Southern was the high altitude and both Northern and Southern were INCIBO, so to be kept distinct from the nominate. Hence 3 populations from husbandry perspective.... ( I dont know how to quote yet)

1) What does " INCIBO " mean?

2) And Nomint means, just one more time guys.... I though I knew.

3) STOP USING BIG WORDS, Grrrrr, LOL.... When ever you guys use words I dont understand, I go to another tab, to look it up....Sometimes I get kicked off the internet.... GRRRRRRR...I had to go to wiki to look up:

A misnomer is a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong. Misnomers often arise because the thing named received its name long before its true nature was known. A misnomer may also be simply a word that is used incorrectly or misleadingly...

However, I LIKE this word and boy oh boy am I gonna look for ways to use it!!!


At least on my Paperwhite kindle, I can touch the word, and it defines it for me.....
I get great Dart Den on that BTW.... But it looks Like a newspaper....
Nominate is a term to designate the prevailing "morph" in so far as we have evidence to document. INIBICO is an acronym for a group that legally imported frogs, which is synonymous with Mark Pepper, who owns Understory Inc. People in the dart frog community will label frogs derived from these import groups as a means to preserve integrity of the line. Ex. My Fantasticus line originated from this group of frogs, so I only breed them with other INIBICO CV Fants. I will not mix them with Euro or old line Copperhead or known groups such as "lowland".

Variabilis are confusing because of Euro stock being mislabeled and passed off as frogs from Mark Pepper.
Btw - shame on me, I had it backwards, the southern are the lowland. Been some time since i thought about this topic. There is no "Northern" per se, they are called Highland per Mark Pepper, who legally imports them. The older line is a mixed bag of "grey" imports from years ago and illegal imports from Europe in more recent calendar. I think people use the term "Northern" in error, as Mark imported them so gets to call them what he wants, which is "Highland". If your interested in working with Variablilis, and you value integrity of the lineage, I would recommend buying Understory frogs direct or from hobbyist with a good reputation that work with these lines. The Southern line is expensive and rare, the Highland is more affordable. The "old" line is cheaper and can be purchased for around $40-60 each.
Scott - North Dallas
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that info was like the itch I needed scratching, but just could not reach!

You my friend are GOLD, thank you so much, I actually printed what you said, for my Frog info book!
We all cant walk around with a laptop strapped to our
I love books, and print out my info.

Thanks Scott!

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