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Hello TEXAS , looking forward to the next reptile expo
Hi Texas ,

I just wanted to say hi to all the froggers in texas, and here's alittle background on me , a few years ago I got the chance to care for a few tinc, but after having to move I had to find them a good home with a trusted friend .but a few months ago my 7 year old daughter found a few pictures of my tinc and showed some real interest in we started up a new collection , so far we have meets some great people with a lot of help advice and some great frogs to help us get staerted. Now we have some awesome azureus pair , few azureus juvenile and some highland bronze tadpoles. So now i really want to take her to a reptile expo does anybody know when the next one happening in Texas? That way we can meet some more people who love the hobby and raise some species of frogs that we are not ready to have yet, so if anyone knows any info on the next expo is that would really help , thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my post.
Expos OME are typically alot of snakes etc. rarely darts.
My suggestion is to attend a local frog meet, or even use the admission fee typically charged to attend one a little out if the way. There are plans TBD for a frog meet in October in the DFW area.

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Count me in :-) thankz for the info. And if you know anyone selling any type of aureus?
Hey Colt! Welcome to DartDen! There are a lot of Texas Froggers on the Den and Dallas seems to have the largest showing. As Beth said there's lots of activity and meet ups there. Sounds like you have already had some great success with your azureus! (cough - pics - cough Wink ) I'm about a year and a half into the hobby and like you my kids pushed us in by asking for "the blue one" when we started researching frogs. Now I'm hooked!

Was it auratus that you were looking for in that last post? I don't have any, but I will keep an eye out. Once again welcome!
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