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San Antonio is one of the Loneliest Frog cities in Texas LOL

Still trying to find more people who live in or around San Antonio or Austin . It's nice to meet group of people who are into the same stuff . Smile Zip code check.


Everybody have a great day

Wow...I didn't realize just how far south you are. You are almost in Mehico ! The famed 'Texas Triangle' of 'civilization' is VERY far north of you.

I drove thru Texas (Dallas) area in Jan and the traffic was WORSE than D.C, Miami and parts of NY !!

Don't give up...there's got to be some peeps down your way.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

It is far south. But I was hoping there was at least peeps in Austin. But I think Dallas has Texas on lock down :-) lol
But on a good note I will be in Dallas on Aug 24,25,26 so maybe I can pick up so awesome frog then :-)

There are folks in Austin but they dont post much.

One place to check out is Zookeeper in Austin. They stock darts that they pick up from a variety of locals. They have had powder blues recently and I've seen galacts and pumilio from time to time. Chances are they will have a tinc morph available when you visit. Plus you can meet their staff Froggers and chat them up. They have a plant guy that raises interesting stuff too. And they stock Melos.

Posting seems to slow down over the summer so you may not see much activity ... Personally I don't go out in the summer. 105 today in Austin though my car showed 113 on the ride home!

We do need to get a south Texas meet up going ...

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Hey, Jones how old are ur Azureus.? I have been trying to get my pair to breed but no luck I think I may have to bring in another pair and mix them up and see what happens. Got any adults for sale?

Be sure to give us a "heads up" before you head this way. For those (many) of us here that missed our short shipping window we have plenty of frogs for sale pending cooler weather.
If you are still looking for azureus Casper typically has a bunch of them for sale.


Going to Dallas In august. Family and I are going to Jellystone Park in dallas

Coltcreech Wrote:Hey, Jones how old are ur Azureus.? I have been trying to get my pair to breed but no luck I think I may have to bring in another pair and mix them up and see what happens. Got any adults for sale?
My pair is about 2 years old. They started breeding after they were 12 to 14 months:

There are some photos of my pair and Glenn's pair here:

That may help you determine what you have. You can also post pictures of your pair and setup and other info like your supplement routine and we can see if we can help you with suggestions for your pair.

I only have froglets - they are nearing 4 months OOW, but I have been holding them until they are 4 to 6 months and easily taking hydei. Just makes me feel better to see a fat juvenile that can take big flies Smile. None are sexable though. I'd start with the photos and info to see if the members here can help. You can see how everyone jumped in to help when my pair started breeding in the link above.

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

I can not offer any help on finding frogs, as I am just getting started. However, I am in San Antonio, 78240 zip code, and thought I would say hello. For many years I have wanted dart frogs, but have never kept them. In the past I have had the usual assortment of freshwater and saltwater tanks. Standard tree frogs, chameleons, and bearded dragons. Then I had to start traveling for work. At that point I had to find homes for all my tanks. Now that I am settled in one place I have been keeping freshwater planted tanks. I had thought about starting a plant terrarium. Then realized a planted vivarium with dart frogs would give me the best of both worlds, plants and dart frogs. I am trying to nail down my vivarium setup so I can get it built, planted and seeded this month. Then I can let the plants grow in until the weather cools down, and find some frogs. I had researched dart frogs in the past, but it was very interesting to see how things had changed over the years.

Hey, I'm new to this site and I'm based in Austin. I know of two keepers in San Antonio who are good people. And I have met Beth who is up in the Dallas area, she was very nice and saved me an hour's drive time to pick up some mints from her. I'd recommend checking out Zookeeper, they have pinheads and fruit flies and suitable substrate for dart tanks. However I've had some... interesting experiences with the owner.

We should definitely have a south/central texas meet up if possible. I'd bring beer/soda.


San Antonio has a few great people. Doug is great, and I'm hoping things will only get better for San Antonio over the next few months. :-)

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