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New Guy researching

Hi guys,
I thought i would introduce my self here. My name is Nick from England I currently don't have any darts but im putting the hours of research into them as i would love the experience of keeping a pair or trio. I have a few reptiles so i know that there will be a fair bit of work involved.
Hope to speak to some of you soon
All the best

Welcome Nick! Research away and don't hesitate to post any questions you have!

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Hello, Nick
Welcome, you can find a ton of information here.
A lot of people on this forum are very helpful and full
Of knowledge.

Welcome, Nick!
We even have a couple of other guys in England, and they always seem willing to help new people! Do your research, and realize--you probably will end up with WAY more than a pair or trio!

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Which dart frogs are you interested in keeping? ....and it is OK if you say "all of them" Wink

Fine Spot Leucs, Bakhuis, Variabilis, Varadero, Fantastica, Green Sirensis

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
@Brian317 I'm not quite sure just yet as i have only just managed to convince the other half to let me get one. I'll probably start with some Dendrobates tinctorius to start with, but probably end up with more like anything else.

I'm really liking this site full of information and help.
Take care

Howdy Nick,
Welcome to Dart Den, yeah, make sure you get a frog the wife likes... The azure frog is top contender. My wife said she hopes I sell all my frogs, but would make exception to the pretty blue frogs, which I am not allowed to sell... go figure.

Scott - North Dallas

I will be going for the pretty blue frogs for the time been. Just putting in the hours now researching then the next step will be to price everything up.

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