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How to control Mold and Mushrooms in the Vivarium ?


I figured I would turn to you guys for some help with these questions. Big Grin I love terrariums, and have always wanted a miniature rain forest type of set up. I have had chameleons, other lizards, snakes, etc. in the past, so I'm aware of most of that info. But, I am doing some research on Mushrooms, in the natural state, compared to how they are produced for consumers. Unfortunately I need to have a realistic ecosystem, but in a controlled environment. Which made me think," hey I really should just build a nice terrarium in one of my old 30 gallon aquariums ". So, I have a few questions, The mushrooms need around 92-100% humidity.. which is going to be my biggest problem. I read a bunch of the posts on the forums, and read all of the mold posts at that. As long as i can keep the humidity around 95%, and have proper set up, I can achieve the proper data for the research project. Any ideas on how to control mold, if it does occur, or simply thoughts and ideas about this project. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

In order to keep humidity up I would use a glass lid. I think you can find them at Petco. I'm not too sure how you can hinder mold growth. Maybe experiment with different kinds of substrate. But if mold can't grow wouldn't the fungi you want have the same problem?

This would infact be mycelium. Other fungi would not be a problem, A lot of you are asking questions about " Whispy white fungi ".. This is most likely a mold called Cobweb Mold, because it looks.. exatcly like cob webs :lol:. You can eliminate this mold by using H202 ( Hydrogen Peroxide ). Just spray the mold, and it dies upon contact.

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