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Grain Beetle Cultures! Raised on Super Healthy Wheat Berries
[Image: 700.jpg]

[SIZE="4"]Wheat Beetles Cultured on Nutritious Wheat Berries![/SIZE]

[Image: 699.jpg]

[SIZE="3"]Sitophilus granarius[/SIZE]
Also called Wheat Weevils, Granary Weavils

[Image: 698.jpg]

Small Pet Feeders only uses the best of ingredients when culturing our insects, and to optimize the health and nutrition of these particular Wheat Beetles, we culture these insects on high quality Wheat Grains (Wheat Berries), the same seeds used to grow wheat grass, and an excellent source of nutrition for all forms of life.

[SIZE="2"]Never need to be watered or fed!

Produce for 3-6 months![/SIZE]

The granary weevil is found throughout the temperate regions of the world and in cool upland areas of the tropics. It is a pest of stored maize, wheat, and other grains, so should be cultured and contained responsibly. Both adults and larvae feed on internally on various grains. We personally use Wheat Grains for our Wheat Beetle cultures. These are very slow to culture, but can be sped up by placing on a warm area or a heat pad.

Wheat Beetle cultures are fantastic because they continue producing food for your frogs for literally months! And the best part is they require no maintenance whatsoever. Just keep them in a warm place, the live beetles will lay eggs on the grains inside the culture, and when the larvae hatch they burrow deep inside the grain where it feeds on the sustenance inside until it's ready to emerge as an adult beetle.

Again these cultures require absolutely no maintenance! Just open the culture inside your frog or pet tank, and close it when enough jump out to feed your little pets. These are really awesome feeders for people looking to save a little money with bugs that will continuously produce themselves for about 3-6 months!

A great prolific feeder for dart frogs and small amphibians.

Shipped in 16 oz cup with grains, media (coffee filter or excelsior), and polyfiber mesh lid.

Like-sized Feeders for your Pet

Fruit Flies

Bean Beetles



Flour Beetles

Extra Small Dubia Nymphs

Baby Silkworms (Silkworm eggs)

Lesser Waxworms

Extra Small Phoenix Worms

Potential Pets to Feed this Insect
Dart Frogs

Small Newts

Small Frogs

Baby Reptiles

Tropical Fish
One Grain Beetle Culture $9.99

[Image: bean-beetle-culture.jpg]
[Image: bean-beetle-culture.jpg]
Bean Beetles
(Acanthoscelides obtectus)
We also carry Bean Beetle Cultures for only $5.99!

[Image: 32-ounce-flightless-fruit-fly-culture-newly-seeded.jpg]
Flightless Fruit Flies (Newly Seeded Cultures)
(Golden D. Melanogaster and Golden D. Hydei)
Fruit Fly Cultures using our superfood-charged Sweetie-Fly Fruit Fly Media for only $7.99! Our media is packed full of bee pollen, spirulina, chlorella, and several other super ingredients, including real fruit! (Sweetie Fly Media also available)

[Image: lesser-waxworm-cultures.jpg][Image: lesser-waxworms-starter-kit-achroia-grisella.jpg]
Lesser Waxworms
(Achroia Grisella)
Lesser Waxworms are great for frogs who are too small for regular waxworms. We use real beeswax in our cultures and also offer a starter kit which will get you setup with an active culture + 3 cultures worth of supplies. Only $7.99 per culture, $19.99 per starter kit.

[Image: pitcher-plant-seedling-sarracenia-no-soil.jpg]
Pitcher plants

Get the first dibs on
Pitcher Plant Seedlings for only $4.99 each or $9.99 for three!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us through the following methods. We strive to always look for new ways to better our service, so if you ever have any concerns over your package, please let us know about them so we can correct the error for you and future clients. If you are very pleased with your package, we want to know about it, and you're welcome to leave feedback on the forum and let us know about it :-)
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678-32-BUGGY (678-322-8449)

Have a fantastic July 4th holiday!

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-Dave Cross, LMT
Small Pet Feeders, LLC
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