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Frye line Blue Jeans
These are my blue jeans I got from Rich not too long ago. Viv is still pretty fresh so I will post a follow up in a few weeks when all the riccia and cuttings fill in better. Frogs are very bold and hop out at me when I open to feed lol. The one pictured hopped on me this evening. Viv has a small water feature, lots of broms, lots of film cans (I build them directly into the back ground), plenty of isos and springs, corktube sporting a beautiful brom at the top, and three types of leaf litter. I would say I probably have about 25 rearing sites between the broms and film canisters. I have a pair of vulture points that are going crazy with this many sites. They transported one clutch and started on the second today. Hope these guys do the same! Enjoy.
Congrats on the blue jeans! They are gorgeous.
I wonder if you bought the ones he used to "pose" for his book.... : )
Thanks for sharing!
I second Beth's post! Congratulations!
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