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Strictly 2012 pumilio for sale
Hey Guys
I have the following pumilio for sale. All are proven breeders. All 3 of the salt creeks have raised over ten tads each. The esperanza have layed and transported but yet to find any froglets from them. I am only selling these guys because I need to fund another project, and I already have multiple f1's and f2's of each locale. All of these are from the original strictly shipment back at the beginning of 2012. I acquired the frogs directly from them. Shipping is $75 via FedEx next day, with phase 22 packs included as needed. I would like to sell only as the listed groups, no splitting of groups. Please email me at as it is a faster way of contacting me. I tried to get more pics but couldn't, so these are it for now. If you dont like the prices Im asking, please make me a reasonable offer. No low ballers as I really don't want to part with any of these guys. Pictured is the male pied looking esperanza, the lipstick red salt creek female, and the male bahia grande.

First Up 0.3 salt creeks. All three are proven, and currently live in a group. I had to remove the male to get them to stop breeding. One female is lipstick red with red legs, and grey feet. One female is pumpkin orange and heavily speckled, she has grey reticulated legs. Last female is also pumkin orange, and has a few speckles, she also has grey legs. All three of these girls are healthy and ready for a new home with a male so they can start producing again. This group produces very cool babies. I'm asking $600 obro for the group.

Next 1.2 beuna esperanza. These guys are awesome. Fat, happy, and bold frogs. Group includes my pied looking male. He has a large blue abberancy on his face and side running right through the red. He is a stunning animal. Coolest esperanza I have seen by far. The females are also way above average. One female is maroon red with dark blue metallic colored legs. The other female is bright red, with bright blu legs. This is a great group, ready to start producing froglets soon as they have transported several times but havent raised any tads yet. $600 obo for the group

Last but not least 1.0 bahia grande. I lost his mate Cry . What can you say about these guys? They are one of the coolest pumilio, and my favorite form of cristobal by far. They look like big red rio brancos. This guy is proven, fat and healthy ready for someone with a female. I am asking $200 obo

[Image: prettiestesperanza1.jpg]

[Image: saltcreek1.jpg]

[Image: cristobal.jpg]

[Image: cristobal1.jpg]
Salt Creeks Sold

After looking at some other ads it seems my esperanza and bahia grande asking might be a tad high, so I decided to include shipping on the esperanza group so $600 shipped and Ill knock $50 off of the bahia grande so $225 shipped obo.
Bahia Grande Sold!
Nice...those are some good looking frogs.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil. Yeah I love them, Im just needed to raise some funds for a project I have to move on this week or else I would keep them. I also have held back to many salt creeks and esperanza babies so I guess that helps my decision too lol Sad
They are going pretty quick so other people must feel the same way I do about them. The salt creeks are going into a breeding project with two males from the same original strickly shipment so Im really happy about that.
Had a lot of interest in the esperanzan but no takers, need the money bad this week for another opportunity so Im lowering the Buena Esperanza down to $500 shipped OBO! This is only for this week. If I miss out on the other opportunity I will not be parting with these guys, so this week only.
thanks for all the interest
Im going to knock them down once more. Still lots of interest but no takers. This is the last time Im going to reduce them. Im only doing it because I am running out of time for the other opportunity I have. After this week I will no longer be selling them.

$450 shipped for esperanza trio. That is $125 per frog for ltc proven breeder, proven sexed frogs. Thats a better price than you will currently find for recent unsexed imports. These guys are ready to produce lots of babied for you.

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