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PetCo dollar per gallon sale

I was out catching snakes yesterday, and after coming down off the blue ridge parkway I needed a place to wash my hands so petco was the first store I came across. Anyway long story short they are doing the dollar gallon sale again. It lasts until July 26th or 27th not sure, the display just said it comes down on the 27th so whatever that means.

What species of snake were you catching, out of curiosity?

Not trying to hijack your thread, Will, but I see that Petsmart has a $2 per gallon sale going on now. I've always liked the Petco $1 per gallon sale, so naturally I was curious! Looked it up, to see why anyone would pay $2/gal instead of $1/gal! Well, the Petco sale only goes up to 40 gallon tanks, Petsmart goes to 50 gallons. And Petsmart includes the hood and the lights! The lights are fluorescent, but this still might be a good deal, depending on what you are looking to house! I don't know if anyone would use this for PDFs, but for fish (or some other animals) I think it is a good deal! A 50 gallon glass tank, with hood and lights for $100. Just an FYI.

P. Terribilis orange, R. Imitator Cainarachi Valley, D. Leucomelas, D. Auratus, D. Azureus, P. vittatus, D. cobalts, D.Oyapok, Bombina Orientalis

Was out catching timber rattlers, black rats, corn snakes, eastern milks, eastern kings, and scarlet kings (also the many-a-ringneck, garter and water snakes we just werent looking for them).

Just curious .... But why the hell were trying to catch timbers?

Probally to milk them for the venom?

No no lol. They are federally protected species everywhere in their range. Just to take field info on them. I have a research biology degree, and I work closely with the university's herpetology department. Frogging is actually my second hobby. I keep and breed over 75 species of snakes. Mostly non-venomous but I also keep a few hots.

I thought you were catching them. I was just curious as to why. Sounded like an invitation for disaster.


Sorry to stray off topic...

...but I have a fascination with snakes. I no longer keep any, as I traded all mine in for a wife. She is not a fan, so it's lizards and frogs for me. You seem to be very lucky in your location as far as species diversity goes. I am from Central Iowa, so it takes a little work to get to places where I can actually see snakes in the wild. Was tickled to death when I found a ringneck snake a couple years back.

Do you work with any hognose?

I do actually catch them, but not in the sense of keeping them or anything. Just to collect data and relocate, or even put back in the same spot if it is safe. I know of quite a few den sites around me actually. It could be viewed as an invitation for disaster to an untrained/uneducated person, but this is what I have my degree in and it is my driving passion. I grew up in South Texas, so I actually began catching venomous creatures (I say creatures because I use to track gila monsters in Texas as well as different species of venomous snakes) with my dad when I was very young. I actually caught my first rattlesnake without assistance when I was 10yrs old.

I dont mind getting off topic if we are talking snakes lol. I get excited when we find any kind of snake around here, ringnecks included lol. We do have an array of different species here, but not as easily to find as say out in Texas. If you know where to look here though it can be a very rewarding place to live. I openly invite friends that visit the area to come out and take a look with me, so if you are ever in the area... I also do work with western hognose. I work with some locale specific stuff as well as some of the morphs. I love the easterns, and southerns, but they are so difficult to switch from toads. I guess they are kind of smart in that respect though because of their diets, collectors generally stay away from them.

The next $/gallon sale starts this Sunday on 10-55g Tetra brand tanks.

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