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Benedicta tads found

I purchased a "likely" m/f pair of Benedicta from UE two shipments ago. They had been in a 10g vert, with the very occasional sighting. Very shy frogs, but they are in a low traffic area. Upon looking closely at tank three days ago, I spotted cluster of tads close to hatching.
I planned on removing the tads later that evening.
Went back down a couple hours later, and saw one of my Bene's sitting in that same spot...with four tads on his/her back. The Bene promptly hopped away. I was able to scoop up the last tad for growout. Pretty excited about this development.
I have chosen not to dissect tank looking for tads, as I do not want to disrupt the pair's mojo.

[Image: photo4_zps05b35db7.jpg]

Do have any film canisters in the viv?
If you do they will transport the tads to the film canisters.


I have five film canisters in the viv. Being a 10g vert, the footprint is pretty small. Two canisters on the viv floor and three more about 1/3 up the glass. Two are white and three are black. Any preference in color you have noticed with the Benedicta?

They've always dropped in the broms for me, never ever in a black or a white can.


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