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Some of PAfrogguy's vivs and frogs
Just some random pictures of frogs and vivs in my frog room currently, and a few from the past. Enjoy! Most viv shots are not grown in yet, and I will be sure to post more pics in a few weeks after they have. The german reginas pictured and the two adults, I regret to say I no longer have. The germans were aquired from a guy in the north east who had a rediculous collection. Had several lines of regina I got from him which were not in the US otherwise and had histos as well. I can't remember his name but he wasn't online and tracked me down through a want ad I posted. The other two were aquired from Patrick Nabors in a trade. Pictures do them no justice, as they were bright yellow and orange throughout. If I could find them again, no price would be too high lol. They were my favorite frogs I had owned I would say. Alas, enough rambling of the "ones that got away." Enjoy!
Absolutely gorgeous vivs--and the frogs aren't bad, either Confusedhock:
I've never seen the german reginas before--absolutely stunning! Thanks for posting.
P. Terribilis orange, R. Imitator Cainarachi Valley, D. Leucomelas, D. Auratus, D. Azureus, P. vittatus, D. cobalts, D.Oyapok, Bombina Orientalis
Thanks! I have a knack for adding water features that don't take up a lot of floor space and still provide usable climbing space for the frogs. Do I need them, no, but I have yet to see a frog not use it if it is there. And after years of using them, I have never had a frog drown so that is not a concern for me, but that is probably due to only keeping pairs of tincs and not groups of much anything once they are breeding age. Although I admit, lately, I have been lazy and doing a lot without them except for the Blue Jeans viv. It has the Saurian fall in it though, not one of my own.
Nice vivs! Interesting how different those German Regina's look!
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Very nice! The Regina's are spectacular.
A few more pics from the frog room. Vanzo male, La Fumee Pair, calling Cristobal. Enjoy!
That pair of La Fumee is awesome!
Dustin Y.
I have to agree...the La Fumee are very nice!
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Thanks, that female is about the size of my fist! Way larger than terribilis I have
A few more pics... El Dorado, about 5 months old in first pic. The second is my Isla Popa male. These guys are tiny, but I really like them. A lot of personality and they sparkle lol
An Iquitos viv I just finished and one of mints being nonchalant lol

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