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What is a frogs birthday ?

Do you consider birthday day out of egg or something else? It's amazing how fast they grow.

I can't speak for anyone else but for me they only date I keep track of is when they come out of the water.

EDIT: I do also keep track of the date the eggs are laid and how many but I have really no way to reference the two back to each other or distinguish which frog is which. Generally I will keep all froglets that morph in the same month together depending on how many there are.

Dustin Y.

I also keep track of dates. Egg laid, tad moved to water, tad out of water. The age of the frog is from the time it morphs and leaves the water. OOTW (out of the water)

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Date metamorphosized / out of the water and transferred into a temp tank is generally best accepted for age.

OTW or 'Out of the Water' is the acronym / term.

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