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I know more than you.
This is just straight up venting thread....

Where to begin....

Ok my wife went to some some vendor event festival thing to sell here mary kay/pampered chef/it works/avon/etc business crap that she is currently pedaling this month. While she is there trying to sell her product of month to other bored house wives. She signs up to be contacted by a pet sitter. He just called and was extremely interested to come baby sit my frogs while I was on vacation. He begins spilling all kinds of information that my wife has conveyed to him. He then mentions that he has experience with frogs as he has 2 pet African Clawed frogs. So he starts telling me all about them. Their names and how he hand feeds them.
I tell him, very politely, "You do realize they are illegal to own in the state of VA?"

Captain denial says "Not these frogs, I bought them in North Carolina so if they are legal there then they must be legal in VA"

And then it happened...

Instantly I was transported back to being 8 years old and my father is with me and he says "Better for people to think you are a fool then for you to open your mouth and prove it."

Anyway sorry just had to tell vent.

oh one more thing...

read the section "As a pest"

Check out what states they are illegal in and how effective they are at transporting that fucking fungus we all love so much.

Great post and info Byron, when I first started reading it Chytrid was my first thought. Then you hit it on the head. Smile

That and when your wife decides to stop "peddling" pampered chef and has close out sale to let me know. Lol
Legal to own in Florida, head scratcher there.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
It amazes me that they are legal to own in FL

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