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Need dimensions on bakers rack
I am looking for someone who has a specific bakers rack from Target. I would like to know the amount of usable space on the shelves. Target lists the dimensions as 35.63x18 but this is not all usable.

Here is a link to the unit in question. ... u=13892293

I am hoping to get the tanks started before I bought the shelf.
Dustin Y.
You can probably count on losing 1 1/2 inches per shelf support, both length and with.
That is about what I was figuring. If I stay inside the supports I should be able to get 17" of depth. I have decided to just buy the shelf and measure it myself, so that way there is no error. I would hate to buy a shelf and then the tanks not fit it. That would be no fun.
Dustin Y.
All the big box stores should take the shelving back and give you your money back for just about any reason you provide.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yea I know, but its more hassle to deal with, taking it apart and then back to the store. May as well do it right the first time.
Dustin Y.
I answered on the other forum.

33.25 and 17.75 roughly. I am sure there are some minor variances between manufacturers and years of production.

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