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Need some info please
Hello I am new to this hobby but I have raised and breed many other pets. I really like PDFs and want to figure out my next few moves. As of right now I am building a vivarium that is 8 ft long 3 ft wide and 6 1/2 ft tall, which averages out to about 1070 gallon vivarium. The vivarium is going to have a trickling waterfall with a very shallow stream. I want to know what PDFs would best for me and how many I can keep at one time. Also, I have an idea about a self contained fruit fly cultivator that will be attached to the tank so that way I can open a hatch and the fruit flys can fly in any ideas on this would be great. Hope to hear back soon.
Sounds great already. Very large enclosure. There is no one that I know of that has attempted such a FF mechanism. Remember, the fruit flies are a staple, and as such, must be 'hand dusted' with superfine powdered supplements for both vitamins and calcium, so I'm not sure your idea would be viable.

I would suggest including your location on your profile here and then networking and finding some other hobbyist close by to obtain your initial frogs from. Proximity and avoiding shipping fees and mortality are both very good things.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
PLENTY of fellow hobbyists near ya - Ohio. If you ever want to meet some or ask to see some set-ups, make a thread entitled "new hobbyist looking for help to get started in Ohio' and I'm sure you will get some people reaching out to you. Or you could hang around here a while, look, read and soon you'll see some people posting that are from close by and you may want to PM them first.

Either one. Welcome to Dart Den !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
You can also cultivate flightless fruit flies which would make it a lot better on the rest of your house if you ever needed to open that bad boy up. I think most people who use FF use flightless but I really can't say for sure. I think it would make the whole feeding process much easier on you anyways. Got any pictures of your projects progress so far? With as much space as you have to work with, I'd say virtually any species of frog would work in there so do some poking around in the species sub forums and find what appeals to your eye and then adjust that specific species needs into your design. Welcome to DD, I can't wait to see what you're final design ends up looking like!
Im out of town right now so I have no pics to put up yet but I will. I think this will be a great DIY project im really excited. Ive looked into a few breeds that I know that I want to get. The first one being a tri color because I love their loud call. Also looking at terribilis and azureus PDFs. Im looking to put different ones together that wont interbreed. If anyone has ideas on what else I could go with that would be great. The whole concept behind this tank is display. I want color and vocalization. I know that they will breed and I have no control over that so if their going to breed I want them breeding with their own species so that way it will be easier to trade with others and not worry about a hybrid problem.
Another question the PDFs that I have picked out do they come in other colors or are certain breeds just specific colors.

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