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Phyllobates bicolour/aurotaenia wild hybrids

While talking with a mate about morphs of bicolour,he gave me this link: ... es=bicolor

If you scroll down to the comments section you'll find this:

Myers et al. (1978) have speculated that there might be either hybridization or a cline between P. bicolor and P. aurotaenia in the upper San Juan drainage, due to the intermediate size and coloration of the Phyllobates found there.

Does anyone know if this hypothesis has been substantiated? or have anymore info they could share about this possible wild hybrid.
Much thanks in advance


To my knowledge the research hasn't been done. Columbia isn't a great place to work and there is so much to do in safer countries it just hasn't been done.



Charles Powell

Thank you Chuck,I haven't ever been able to find out more on this,just this one reference quoted above. Hopefully in time things will change and we might learn more one day. The joy of this hobby is there will always be something to learn and new projects to research.
kind regards


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