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How to not end up with.... too many frogs!

Hey, I'm a dart frog newbie and I've got a question for you guys.
I'm still in the research phase. I have a 20 gal that I plan to use for the setup.
I have only kept White's Tree Frogs in the past, which I really enjoyed. My last guy passed late last year (he lived a long life!) and I'm ready for frogs again.

I've been reading but I can't seem to find the answer to this question:
I definitely want to prevent stress and aggression, but at the same time I want to make sure that I don't end up with.. too many frogs. How might I make this possible?
Most of what I've read has suggested keeping them in male-female pairs.

I know I'm probably going to get yelled at for even asking about this, but I was reading the information pages at and they suggested that an azureus and bumble bee might be compatible and wouldn't cross breed. I figure I'd ask anyways, please don't get be too angry with me!

Or would I be better off with a single frog?

I'm a casual frog keeper -- I don't have room at my residence for more than one setup or the time in my schedule to maintain more than one. I'm not equipped to care for the result of breedings... but I would still like to find a way to enjoy these beautiful frogs.

Thank you guys for your advice!


Azureus and leucomelas (bumblebee) can indeed hybridize. i'm fairly sure.

2 males would solve that problem, but new hobbyists seldom want to spend the @ 100% extra price for an adult sexed male frog and sometimes adult male sexed frogs are just not readily available.

A single frog is fine. It will not pine away or get lonely. They get along fine, by themselves.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Thank you much Philsuma. That's just what I needed to know!
I wasn't sure if the aggression I was read about applied only to females; I don't recall males being explicitly mentioned.
Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

Same sex aggression is 'tricky' and also species specific. It is also age specific. Enclosure size is yet another variable to be considered.

Males of the Oophaga Genus will combat other males for prominent breeding locations.

Most adult (breeding age) dart frog females will combat other females to prevent breeding access to males. This is a good reason for 2 male Tinctorius and 1 female, being accepted as a good workable hobby practice / sex ratio.

Thumbnails have yet more interesting and different social and breeding dynamics.

The best advice is to read the forums intensely and look for fellow hobbyists that live close by. Engage them and ask for guidance and mentoring and you will get excellent local help as well as better prices, in most cases.

Good luck.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

They can absolutely hybridize. I wish Saurian would remove that info. It gets seen/quoted by every newly interested person and I think it's misleading.

I would suggest Leucs. In my opinion Leucs tend to be less territorial and you would probably have no problems with 2 leucs of any gender in a tank that size. Give some thought to maximizing land area and visual barriers when hardscaping/planting to insure that there are no issues.

Incidentally, of all the tincs I have, my azureus seem to be the least aggressive for what it's worth.

Boondoggle Wrote:Incidentally, of all the tincs I have, my azureus seem to be the least aggressive for what it's worth.
Interesting, same here.


I'll definitely make good use of the forum. Still got a lot of research to do.. quite a bit more complicated than my White's Tree Frogs. :lol:
Thanks for the tip about the Leucs, I'll run some searches on them. They are one of my favorites aesthetically, nice that they tend to be less territorial.

Thanks again!

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