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Various Frogs for Sale

Selling off some of my extras. All of these are cb animals. Shipping via SYR with good temps or local pick up in the MD/PA area. I am open to trades of things I don't have or need. Shoot me a list at More pictures available on request. All photos are of actual animals for sale. Working on pulling these from vivs now.

Sellers Name and location - Josh Stottlemyer Greencastle, PA
References upon request

Species - Oophage Pumilio- "Cristobal"
Line/Origin - 2011 SNDF (I acquired from Bin Dangh of Philadelphia)
Age - 14 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) -1 calling male
Price - $100
Group Prices - yes combined with other frogs
Preferred Payment Method - paypal or cash
Shipping Rates & information - Shipping is whatever the actual cost. I do not charge a box fee.

Species - Oophaga Pumilio "El Dorado"
Line/Origin - 2010 SNDF
Age - 4 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.2
Price - $80 each
Group Prices - yes

Species - Ranitomeya Vanzolinii
Line/Origin - EU
Age - 1 year
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 1.0.1
Price - $100 each
Group Prices - yes

Vanzos are sold.

Also have a probable pair of Orange terribilis. I purchased a group and separated these two out of what I am setting up for breeding. Calling and suspected female seems interested but no eggs. Took the photo of them together in a temp tank for size reference/comparison. $250 for the pair.

Would also be willing to trade for
Female La Fumee
Male Matecho
Banded Leucs

Terribilis Sold
Vanzos Sold

Still available- 2 male cristos
2 El Dorado Juveniles
1 Green Popa Male

Also willing to trade for anything I don't have, shoot me a list, I am pretty open to stuff.

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