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How much egg laying is too much ?

So I have a pair of tincs that have been laying eggs every two weeks for the last two months I have over 30 tads
Should I slow them down some ? How ? Can they get worn down ?

Any suggestions would be great

Too much is too many tadpoles and not enough room or not enough time or not enough potential buyers/homes for them.

Prolonged breeding activity can result in stress and mortality -yes. Usually taking multiple seasons or @ a year or more, but why chance it?

Most tincs will slow but not stop even with "drying them out" - going from very humid to less humidity, say only 60% relative humidity for example. Taking away thier egg deposition sites - cocohuts ect.

Sometimes the only way to slow them down is to remove one -separate them.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Does anyone know the laws in pa for selling frogs
I'm thinking of going to the hamburg show to sale off these frogs once they get bigger
Once they are out of water for two months does that sound right
What might I get for these cobalt tincs
As I don't plan on making a business out of this just cant keep them all
Any advice

Tinc froglets are usually able to be transferred (sold) at @ 4 weeks OOW

Retail for cobolts can be anywhere from 25-55.00 Demand is not real high for them.

Wholesale is 1/2 of that.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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