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Large amount of tads
Here are 40 cobalt tincs growing from 6/17 to today I'm hoping to have a few ready for the hamburg show in PA come oct
Cups are looking good.

I would consider wholesaling them all for a couple bucks a piece to one of the medium to bigger frog vendors at Hamburg - Huff, Novy, Tanis...those guys. That's going to be your only realistic option. You may sell a couple to attendees, but that road is going to be long and hard and tedious.

That's why ya gotta be careful and not 'overbreed' the common stuff. Craig has my Epipidobates Tricolor group and we could collect and raise @ 30 tads every month. We would be hard pressed to even move them at wholesale rates.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
If you can pass the word to them or pass me some contacts that would be great. I would be happy with $15 each if that sounds realistic
Like I said I'm not a breeder for money
Just got a good breeding pair and don't feel right about seeing the eggs dry up
Tadpoles are going to go for much less than 15.00 each. Dollars... like 1-2 or 3.00 each depending on size and THEN the word everyone is going to use is "wholesale" so they may total everything up and ask for even LESS for all of them together.

And remember to keep them cool - 70's in a cooler with appropriate packs or they will die in the August Pennsyltucky heat.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
No I would wait till they are all out of the water at least a month
Djpaulys Wrote:...Just got a good breeding pair and don't feel right about seeing the eggs dry up
Have you considered or tried to cycle them down for a bit ? It can be harder to cycle down tincs on a breeding binge than some other frogs, but it can be done.
If you can get it to where they only produce as often as you are comfortable with then you won't be helping to over-over-flood a market which is already over-flooded.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Try setting up a smaller temporary tank for one of them. I regularly separate my tincs for two months at a time to give the female a break from spawning.

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Hello from Borneo. I should be at the next hamburg meeting and would likely take a bunch of tads or froglets. Just let me know.
Jeremy you helped me before when I needed if you would like I can pass the favor on
I will let you know when they are out of water
If there are any wholesalers out there looking for offers on cobalt tincs

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