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Gut loading idea what do you think?
#1 I was thinking to alter it with blended fruit instead of chopped or veggies. After reading about this agar stuff, and finding it is packed with minerals, I thought it may work as not only a great media because it gels, but as a gut loader for larvae. Think it would work or is even worth a try?

Definately is worth a try. I would try it if I was breading or housing a lot of crickets. However when I buy pinheads, I buy only a few because when they live for a week, they get too big for my tincs.
My friend with a huge collection of lizards and other cricket eating critters would be a good candidate to get some of that stuff.
I use a simalar gel like stuff, its labeled by the local pet shop "Pet Kingdom" called Cricket H2O. Its better than water because the crickets dont drown in it. but some pinheads get stuck to it if it rolls around. Crickets love it and suck from it right away. Gutloading the mix would be a great idea. Smile

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