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Hamburg 8/3/13 temperature

Just left the show and amazingly it was comfortable not hot.
Got lucky with the weather. The place was packed with vendors,it was a good show.

For people asking about frog, dart frog and general value of going to this show/venue....

Oh my's ALWAYS a good show to attend, and just may be the best show in the Entire country overall.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Just got back home a trip that should take about3 1/2
Hours took 5, darn traffic. At the show there must have been
Maybe about 6 vendors selling darts. I did not see any pumilios.
In regards to dry goods. Some vendors are very reasonable like the guy
That sells just cork. Great pieces and cheap. Others are pretty much the
Same prices as other shows that I go to. However if you look around you are bound
To find some great deals. I did notice a lot of vendors selling turtles. I won't even
Try to guess on how many vendors were selling snakes. If you like snakes definitely attend. I don't have
anything against them, just not my thing. Seriously, I enjoy this show and all it has to offer.

very informative post ,thanks for sharing

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