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Costa Rican O. pumilio (Guápiles, Puerto Viejo, Seis Amigos)
CR will be cleared Monday morning (already here!). I have the following Oophaga pumilio locales available.
Species - Oophaga pumilio
Line/Origin - F1 Costa Rica
Age - Sexable Young Adults
Preferred Payment Method - Paypal, CC, etc.
Shipping Rates & information - Shipping is $50.00 via FedEx to your hub.
Pictures - Please contact for examples of pictures of locales, individual pictures will be available for specimens.

Guápiles $500.00 Pair (NICEST Blue Jean locale, ever!)
Puerto Viejo $450.00 Pair (NICEST Bri Bri locale)
Seis Amigos $350.00 Pair (Similar to Siquirres, found a little NorthWest)

Trios/Groups available. Quantities are limited.
I spent a lot of time observing the Puerto Viejo population. Please post pics !!!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Will post pics a little later this week after they destress from transit. REALLY cool locales, though. I'm excited. Smile

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