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Help! problem with Leucomela

hi everyone, i'm new with the darts frogs but i just buyed 3 leucomelas! 2 looks rigth and eat a loot! but the one less look diferent! it is very fat and doesnt move much and have small apetite! i dont know what will happend to him! there is some photos i hope it is rights and somebody can help me! ... 85bf00.jpg ... 9d78f6.jpg

sorry for my english btw!


Your enclosure looks small. Your (problem) frog could have a number of possible things wrong with it, but one of the very first recommendations that I make, is to Separate any animal that has feeding or movement problems. Injuries and disease are possibilities, but both of them are compounded by stress caused by multiple other animals in a small area.

I would remove that frog and place it in an enclosure all by itself.

Second, I would place a large amount of plant clippings from the species 'Pothos' in both enclosures - the one with 2 frogs and the new enclosure with the 'problem' frog.

Here are some threads to read...please post more info and pics when you get a chance.




"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Thanks for ur answer, i making a new tank more big so this one will be momentary! i dont know if he is sicks or have stress problem, some one said me that it can be preagneant. i dont know if it is true but it is very fat! what more can i do?!

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