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Frog Day purchase (did I buy from you?)

Hey everyone!

This is probably a shot in the dark, but my partner and I purchased 5 D. Azueus (Azerei? What's the plural of Azureus?) from a couple of young guys at Frog Day in Atlanta this weekend (they were sharing a table - I bought 3 from 1 and 2 from the other - the name Matt is sticking with me for some reason). ANYWAY, because I was so excited to finally be getting frogs, I forgot all about getting contact information for them! Nothing is wrong and the frogs are doing great, but I just wanted to keep in contact (if possible) for future purchases...

I have NO idea if they are on this board or not, but I thought I'd try!

There were three guys behind the table - one with a red shirt and blue eyes... One with long hair and a cap and another with dark hair... early to mid twenties maybe? I was in khakis and a blue lacoste polo and my partner had jeans and a brown striped shirt...

Frog Days were great, btw, for anyone who couldn't make it!

Possibly Matt Mirabello? Check out these pics, maybe they're on there:


Darks!de Wrote:Possibly Matt Mirabello? Check out these pics, maybe they're on there:


This was a GREAT help!

Thanks for the pics!!! It was Devin E. and Kevin Hoff... Don't know WHERE I was getting Matt from... or the red shirt for that matter! LOL

Anyone have contact info for Devin or Kevin?

You might not be losing your mind...there were two days of the show, so maybe the picture was taken on whichever day you were not there. Smile

Take care,

now i see this post.

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