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My first Vulture Points morphing out
Found my first Vulture Point pumilio coming out today. I knew of several in the viv but not this one. My others should be out any day, but finally got a photo of this fella in the meantime. Its legs are actually sky blue, just very hard to get a pic where it was at without scaring it. Looks nothing like his folks, almost like a blue jean. More to come!
Grats my friend. It is very rewarding to see them emerge from the brom indeed. I have just experienced this myself for the first time not long ago with my Escudo. Now I have that obligate bug telling me to get more!
Dustin Y.
My first pumilio were bastimentos about 7 years ago. Ever since I have dug the obligates. Even though pulling eggs and raising tads is fun, I enjoy watching nature at work a bit more.
Congrats. .nothing more rewarding. .

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