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Back legs popped. Front legs ?

So my tad tincs back legs popped still waiting on the front
Should I move them on 45 degree angle in a grow out tank
Or wait for the front legs to pop
I'm thinking of using critter cages for a group of three or two to tank

Either way will work. I usually put them in the grow out once that back legs pop, that way I don't really have to worry as much in case I miss the front legs pop. Even though you still have a couple days after the fronts pop before they climb out. And I do tilt them as well even though a lot of people have no problems if theyre not tilted.

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About how long from rear legs popping to front

The hind legs do not "pop" like the front legs do. They grow in, as do the fronts just under a membrane. While the hind legs are growing so are the fronts. The time can vary a bit depending on a number of factors. But I would say you still have 2-4 weeks depending on how well developed they are.

EDIT: boy I have fat fingers tonight trying to type on my phone

Dustin Y.

Only front's 'pop' like Dustin said.

Factors affecting the time it takes for the front legs:

1. Temperature
2. Species
3. Nutrition
4. Possibly, photoperiod

And then in a group of clutch mates - say 5 of them...4 could all pop together and ole' Johnny come lately could take another week or more.

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Yeah, what they said^ lol and the back legs obviously grow, by pop I meant when they start developing. I'm sure that's what you meant too. I guess since the fronts do actually "pop" its not the best choice in words. Good luck!

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I've witnessed them pop fronts - it looked exactly like Houdini shaking himself out of a straight jacket. Seriously. Kind of funny looking.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Good stuff thanks for the response

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